Visa Filing Services

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Our experience is that often a refusal can be corrected with a careful review of the rejection letter and the original application and then submission of a new application which addresses the specific concerns the visa officer had in the rejection.  We can assist visitors, students and other individuals with submitting a new application  and act as your authorized representative to IRCC. 


We will:

  • Review your refusal and or GCMS note and develop a strategy to successfully reapply
  • Identify weaknesses in your previous application and instruct you what information and documents are required to strengthen your application
  • Prepare and submit your visa application to IRCC
  • Act as your authorized representative to IRCC
  • Update you regularly on the status of your application.




  1. Make a payment through our secure payment gateway with any of the leading credit or debit card companies or Paypal.
  2. After submitting payment you will be asked to provide information and supporting documents so that we can apply for a visa on your behalf.
  3. After we receive the information we will email you a pre-filled consent form that will allow us to represent you to IRCC.  Print the consent form, sign it, scan it and return it to us by email.
  4. We will apply for a temporary resident permit after we have received your information, documents and consent form.
  5. We will keep you updated throughout the process.



The cost to have us submit and represent your file for a temporary visa such as student permit, work permit or visitor permit is $1500.   Please contact us for rates for permanent visas.