Visa Refusal Services mission:  To provide effective, economical and expedited  assistance to people throughout the world in resolving their visa refusals to Canada.  


We are a full service immigration consulting firm specializing in client representation for refusal matters and all other areas of immigration. Our expertise in all areas of immigration has proven critical to the effective delivery of strategic advice, support, and service for our Canadian and international clients. All services are transparent with an emphasis on client communication throughout the representation of matter


Visa Refusal Services (VRS) Global Inc. is a federally incorporated Canadian corporation established in 2005 and operating as a full service consulting firm specializing in all aspects of immigration to Canada. All consultants working within the firm are licensed members in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).


Helping resolve visa refusals isn’t just our business it’s the area of Canadian immigration law that interests us the most and we are constantly reading and researching Canadian immigration law and policies that pertain to refusals.  Our experience is that often a refusal can be corrected with a careful review of the rejection letter and the original application and then submission of a new application which addresses the specific concerns the visa officer had in the rejection.  We can provide visitors, students and other individuals the information necessary to successfully reapply themselves or we can submit and represent a new application.