GCMS Notes

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Global Case Management System (GCMS) is the information system used by IRCC to process visa applications and contain the entire case history.  They contain the notes the visa officer has entered into the system when making a decision about an application and contain invaluable insight into the visa officer’s analysis of the case and reasoning behind the decision. GCMS notes and the refusal letter can help identify if the reason for the rejection is a mistake on your application, and enable you to  rectify the problem by making the proper corrections and provide additional information to strengthen your application where the visa officer had concerns. 



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  2. After submitting payment you will be asked to provide information about your file so that we can apply for GCMS notes on your behalf. . 
  3. After we receive the information we will email you a pre-filled consent form.  Print the consent form, sign it, scan it and return it to us by email.
  4. We will email the GCMS to you the same day we receive them. Current processing time is approximately 60 days. 



The cost of GCMS notes is $40. Canadian