In-Person Consultation

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If you choose to have an in person consultation with us you will have  a one hour in person consultation with one of our licensed immigration consultants. Our advisors deliver consultations every second month in the following cities/countries:

  • Chandigarh, India
  • New Delhi, India
  • Ho Chi Min, Vietnam
  • Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Manilla, Philippines
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Hong Kong, HKSAR
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Consultations are held in a five star hotel meeting room or similar venue.  

 Preferably, you will submit a copy of your refusal and  the application forms and supporting documents you previously submitted in advance of your consultation.   Our refusal advisor will review the information and provide you with a professional  opinion on your rejection and a strategy moving forward to obtain your visa to Canada.  Your advisor will answer the following questions regarding your case:

  • What options are available to you in order to obtain a visa?
  • Can I appeal my decision or do I have to reapply?
  • How long will it take to have a decision?
  • What are the chances you will be successful?
  • What are costs involved?
  • Any other questions you may have.



  1. Order In Person Consultation
  2. We will contact you by email to arrange the date and time of your consultation.  
  3. Email us the documents from your previous application
  4. You will receive a confirmation email regarding the time, date and location of your consultation.




The fee for a one hour consultation is $250. Canadian.   If you choose to reapply for a visa and would like us  to submit and represent your application we will apply the $250 Canadian toward our service fees to represent your application.